Razor Wire


Razor wire produced as stainless (AISI430 Chrome and AISI304 Chrome) or hot dip galvanized has different types and different diameters.Razor wire systems, which can be manufactured as spiral or planar, are preferred in areas with very high risk and have a deterrent nature. 

Razor wires, which can be manufactured in various colours with electrostatic oven paint, are not affected by weather conditions, don’t fade or rust. With years of experience, Öztel Wire Fence has implemented razor wire applications at many points such as military, police station, dangerous material production or storage areas.

Razor Wire Areas Of Usage

  • Military
  • Airports
  • Dangerous Material Production or Storage Areas
  • Country Borders
  • Prisons
  • Private Houses

Razor Wire Advantages

  • Provide high security
  • Deterrent Can Be Used For Years Without Being Affected By Weather Conditions. 

Razor Wire Features

Spiral Razor Wire Features

Height             960 mm               600 mm               450 mm

Spiral Number      56±1                           56±1                                   56±1

                            (~72 de Clip)         (~72 de Clip)              (~72 de Clip)          

Length               10 - 15 m             8 - 10 m                6 - 8 m

Roll Weight         14,5 kg (±0.5 kg)              9,4 kg (±0.4 kg) 7 kg (±0.4 kg)


Planar Razor Wire Features:


The openest part of the plane barrier is 21 cm. The clips used in the inner connections of the barrier are stainless steel with a size of 1.5x6x37 mm. (AISI304) The usage amount of plane barriers at the distance to be closed 1.1 kg for 1 meter.


Height             900 mm               600 mm               450 mm

Length              16m ± 0.5 m       10 m ± 0.5 m      10 m ± 0.5



Straight Line Razor Wire Features

Straight line opening (without clips). 1 kg of razor wire approximately 12 m. in length.

Razor Wire Applications