Flying Door Engine



FALCON M5-M8-M14-M20-M20 3PH are electromechanical flying door motors manufactured using the highest quality materials for long-term problem-free operation.

Flying Door Engine Areas Of Usage

Flying Door Engine Advantages

  • FALCON’s work tirelessly in every command.
  • They are stylish, robust and safe door operators with polyester painted aluminium body and ABS protective housing.
  • FALCON’s are practical, safe and very useful, apart from the release mechanism, in power cuts.
  • Magnetic Limit Switch System puts an end to the problems that occur in conventional limit switches.
  • FALCONs provide a great convenience in assembly and programming with its easily programmable control unit.

Flying Door Engine Features

Genius Falcon M8

Motor power supply AC 230 V

Door maximum weight 800 kg

Current draw 2,2 A

Maximum Power 500W

Duty cycle % 30

Traction force 24N

Motor thermal protection 140 ° C

Opening Speed 12cm/sn

Working temperature  -20 ° +50 ° C

Protection Class IP 44