Barbed Wire


Barbed wire systems are frequently preferred in areas where high security is desired, such as military areas. Barbed wires, which perfectly surround every point in large areas, provide protection against all malicious attacks from outside. In addition, barbed wires used in fields where the entrance of wild animals is desired to be prevented are very strong and it is very difficult to be damaged even by human power.

Barbed wires, which have high resistance to rust and oxidation, aren’t affected by weather conditions and don’t require maintenance.

Barbed Wire Areas Of Usage

  • Field
  • Vineyard
  • Garden
  • Military Areas
  • Airports
  • Terminals etc. it’s used on fence wires for protection and security purposes around areas.

Barbed Wire Advantages

  • Barbed Wire Provides High Security
  • Resistant to Sudden Temperature Changes
  • Very Difficult To Be Eroded and Damage

Barbed Wire Features

Material: Dip galvanized or PVC coated

Wire Diameter

Line Wire

Barbed Wire

Packing:  20 kg round

Barbed Wire Applications